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Privacy policy

   When it is a basic of the operation of our association to handle information (it is said with personal information as follows) that can distinguish the specific individual who can know it through the name or address of all visitors having you make a deal with our association, duties of each business including transactional details appropriately and is a social duty, I recognize it including members of an association deeply in the Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative (it is said as follows with "our association"), and it is a member of our association post bullet, and protection respects personal information and acts for perfect management not to make any purpose diplomatic delegation use and leak and takes an oath of observing the following policies.
1.The observance such as laws and ordinances concerned
  Our association observes "law about the protection of the personal information" duty established in the guidelines on minister including others, laws and ordinances about the personal information protection concerned and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (it is said with "protection law" as follows) faithfully to deal with personal information appropriately.
   The personal information is the information about the living individual to prescribe in protection law Article 2 Clause 1 and it is said and does the thing which can distinguish an authorized individual if similar as follows.
   In addition, in our association, "a law about the use of the number to distinguish the authorized individual in the administrative procedure" observes duty established in others, laws and ordinances about the appropriate handling of the identification personal information concerned and guidelines (it is said with "the number method" as follows) faithfully to deal with specific personal information appropriately.
   It is said and does personal information to include the personal number that the specific personal information prescribes in number method Article 2 Clause 8 in the contents if similar as follows.
2.Use purpose
   I use personal information when I obtain the aragajimego person's consent and unless our association identified a use purpose in the handling of the personal information as much as possible, and you should be treated as an exception by laws and ordinances as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the use purpose. But, in the specific personal information, I identify a use purpose and do not perform the use beyond the use objective range with or without the agreement of the person.
  I call an authorized individual distinguished by personal information the person, and it is said that the following is similar.
  I notify the person of whether you announce the use purpose beforehand unless it should be handled as an exception by laws and ordinances after the acquisition immediately or announce it. But I state it clearly beforehand when I acquire it from the person by letter directly.
3.The appropriate acquisition
  When our association acquires personal information, they acquire it by appropriate and legitimate means.
4.Safety management measures
   I act as our association to keep personal data to handle and specific personal information in the correct latest contents within the use purpose and I take necessary appropriate measures for safety management again and supervise employee and trust ahead appropriately.
   The personal data means personal information to constitute (protection law Article 2 Clause 2) such as the personal information databases which protection law Article 2 Clause 4 prescribes and does it as well as the following.
5.Limit of the third party offer
   Our association does not offer personal data to the third party without obtaining the person's consent beforehand unless it should be handled as an exception by laws and ordinances.
  In addition, our association does not offer specific personal information to the third party with or without the agreement of the person unless they should be handled as an exception by number method 19 jokakugo.
6.The handling of the subtleties (sensitive) information
   Our association does not provide the acquisition, the use, a third party except the cases that had the agreement of the person in a case and duties accomplishment based on laws and ordinances in a necessary range about the subtleties (sensitive) information (information about political opinion, religion, the participation to the labor union, a race, a race, family status, a permanent address, the health medical care) of the person.
7.Disclosure, correction
   Our association accepts disclosure, the correction from the person based on laws and ordinances about possession personal data.
   The possession personal data means data to prescribe in protection law Article 2 Clause 5.
8.Complaint window
   About personal information, our association wrestles for the complaint from the person quickly and appropriately, and therefore they try for the maintenance of the internal system.
9.Continuous improvement
  I carry out appropriate domestic inspection, and our association does it about personal information and acts for the continuous improvement of this protection policy.

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