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Introduction of the light book new book of the house


One cup of 1st. Soup of the vegetables that a body is regulated well

 Soup to make only with vegetables, a mushroom, the vegetable material including beans.
 Because use the ingredients giving taste effectively, and draw a taste of the material, without meat and a fish with the satisfaction to be finished.
 The balance of the body is regulated well if I drink one cup of 1st.

An author: Imai yoko
A price: 1,650 yen (tax-included)
Pages: Page 96

My favorite which I live and want to continue using all the time with the delicious caliber

 The professional of six that are popular the living full of senses introduces with a favorite container and glass.
 It is Japanese and Western and can enjoy the world of the profound caliber including the writer thing. Other than helpful information including how to choose, how to use, the reading concerning each container is fulfilling, too.

An author: See tasan Shima, Akemi Yamahata, Hirai number, Kaori Hikita, Yoshie Uematsu,
    Pond water proton
A price: 1,760 yen (tax-included)
Pages: Page 144

The inheritor of 20,000 business succession of farmers beginning with today and the success method that I thought about

 About "the inheritor problem" that is the problem of the farmhouse of Japan, I cut it from the position of the child whom two people of the person of young agriculture inherit.
 I explain the basic knowledge including tax practice and the procedure clearly what you do with the business succession.
 Of "farmhouse the parents' house" person required reading! 

An author: Yutaro Ito, Shogo Takemoto
A price: 1,980 yen (tax-included)
Pages: Page 224


General interest magazine ... of "light of the house" January, 2023 issue - living, green, the contact home

(issuance: on once a month 1st)
(special feature 1)
 Would do what, how is? Ceremonial occasion of Corona Era
 Infection spread of the new coronavirus which largely changed a holding method, the process of ceremonial occasion and event.
 More than Corona Era, I consider how there should be ceremonial occasion in the future.

A price: 922 yen (tax-included)

"Ground" January, 2023 issue

(issuance: on once a month 1st)
(special feature)
 Lead to activation of the intermediate and mountainous area; or possibility of "farm village RMO"
 As "an organization practicing an approach for the solution to local problem continuously", the need of "farm village RMO" (farm village type area administrative body) is demanded while communities function decreases around intermediate and mountainous area.
 In the first place I arrange it and comment on what kind of structure farm village RMO is and examine possibility of maintenance, the development through some examples.
 Furthermore, I think about how a JA and JA young man group can be concerned.

A price: 618 yen (tax-included)
(supplement to a magazine)
 2023 I notebook ken kutsunago inheritance study aid
 The example tried by descent increases to about 1.3 times in 20 years.
 One book that I notebook" which was the seventh year was specialized in the inheritance preparations.
 I explain the inheritance measures for time how you can reduce a problem what becomes the problem while introducing a concrete example.

Child magazine ... which stimulates a meal and the agriculture of "chagurin" January, 2023 issue - JA group

(issuance: on once a month 1st)
(meal & agriculture plan)
 Let's celebrate the New Year in small pieces of rice-cake put on twigs!
 I introduce how to make lucky charms of red-and-white New Year holidays to be able to make round rice cake, and to display it to the branch of the tree of willow or sumac.
 A product decorates a good harvest and the prosperity of the New Year with a family in spite of being a wish and bakes it with touching it to the branch by New Year's bonfires for small New Year holidays, and the recipe that I take it off from a branch and do it for hail and eat introduces.

A price: 576 yen (tax-included)
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