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Original product

In our JA, I push forward the development of the original product utilized the local material.
I handle the following product now.

Apple juice

The apple four seasons (canned cherry tree: entering 195 g of *30)

It is original apple juice based on wisteria. It is the straight juice which I finished in a mellow fragrance and mild taste.

The apple four seasons (a small bottle: entering 180 ml of *12)

It is the straight juice which valued the apple original taste and fragrance which I squeezed in the device that an apple from Aomori was sealed.


Apple kuchen

I wrapped it in a piecrust and baked it after I repeated the preserving in honey slice of the JA Tsugaru apple from Hirosaki on the wet castella dough.
(way of rising of to call it)
Please have it after defrosting it in a refrigerator as approximately 2-3 time.


I made JA Tsugaru apple from Hirosaki preserving in honey and sliced it and, on the surface of the oval gold coin-shaped cheesecake, did a topping and baked it.
It features yoku etaassarimeno cheesecake and the eloquence of the apple with sweetness.
(way of rising of to call it)
Please have it after defrosting it in a refrigerator as approximately 2-3 time.

take you fluffy steamed bread

I kneaded JA Tsugaru take you paste from Hirosaki into plump cloth, and it was sultry.
I blend rice flour of Aomori product Tsugaru-roman to provide the texture that I did softly while making use of a sweet fragrance and nice smell of take you.
(way of rising of to call it)
Please have it after defrosting it in a refrigerator for approximately about from 30 minutes to one hour.


Peach jamu & ringojamu

A peach and an apple of Tsugaru brought up by the climate that was the foot, coolness of Mount Iwaki entirely in jam
I did it. The flavor that the peach is unique in "peach jamu" by refraining from sweetness
I stay well, and, in "ringojamu," the texture of the apple accentuates.

take you curry

Because flesh and paste of take you are mixed, the curry roux is cream, and sweetness stands out.
In addition, it is the product which you can eat toward the wide age group from a child to advanced age as it is sweet.
(way of rising of to call it)
When I warm it by hot water roasting (one portion)
Please just warm it with boiling hot water for around five minutes without cutting the seal of the bag.
When I warm it with a microwave oven (one portion)
You move it to heat-resistant containers by all means, and, for rap, please warm it for around two minutes (in the case of 500W).



With the rice which represented Aomori, I was born from a 141 issue of akitakomachitofu origin
It is the kind equal to the grandchild of the Koshihikari. Let alone warm time, it is cold
As a texture is good even if it becomes, it is most suitable for a lunch and a rice ball.
I can purchase it from a shopping site
 JA Tsugaru Hirosaki sales department direct marketing section
 TEL: 0172-82-4205
 FAX: 0172-82-6081
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