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Introduction of the light book new book of the house


68 years old, a single life. What do you eat today? Invention to enjoy cooking for oneself

 An idea to enjoy "the one rice" which an expert dishes researcher tells.
 I make use of own experience and introduce preliminary arrangements to ease the making of meal or an art to fully consume the nourishment which is necessary for convenient ingredients stock, senior when there is it.

An author: Eiko Oba
A price: 1,650 yen (tax-included)
Pages: Page 128

Comfortable living not to take out garbage

 I introduce my rule that I practice as six authors who think about an environmental problem, and act do not take out garbage.
 The vegetables bring a container to the purchase which I finish eating entirely and can send a comfortable days to oneself if they start with being able to do it.

An author: Masami Takasago, Akino Nakamura, Yamato Yuka, Yuko Anda, Chie Nishimura,
    Atsuko Watanuki
A price: 1,650 yen (tax-included)
Pages: Page 144

Reliable rice of the improvement of constitution atopy native to begin with Japanese food

 A Japanese food recipe to improve the atopic symptom of the child whom a pediatrician pushes forward with the dietician of the nursery school.
 As for the Japanese food which I made use of soup stock and the subject matter in, nourishment making the cheerful skin is plentiful. A majority publication including a side dish and the soup.
 I can enjoy it every day without getting tired.

An author: Masami Watanabe
The supervision: Mitsuko Sato
A price: 1,540 yen (tax-included)
Pages: Page 96


General interest magazine ... of "light of the house" August, 2022 issue - living, green, the contact home

(issuance: on once a month 1st)
(special feature 1)
 In fact, it is so various! Japanese eggplant
 The Japanese eggplant which is full of local color.
 I confirm each production place on a map and investigate history and visit production centers of the characteristic eggplant such as the native species which has been got close to for a long time and report state of the production and how to eat that local, is loved.
 In addition, according to types including circle eggplant and the long eggplant, I introduce the characteristic and the recommended recipe, recipe in addition.

A price: 629 yen (tax-included)

"Ground" August, 2022 issue

(issuance: on once a month 1st)
(color new serialization)
 Trip to visit an EXILEÜSA JA young man group ally
 ―Meal agriculture support project
 ÜSA of EXILE performing various activities (DANCEARTH PROJECT) to tie agriculture, a meal and people tying people, "ground" and JA zenaokyo work together with people and send the hot activities such as the charm of local agriculture and people (scholar of young man agriculture), the JA young man organization activity, and new serialization telling new businesses in area inhabitants and the public consumers, a young generation starts.

A price: 618 yen (tax-included)

Child magazine ... which stimulates a meal and the agriculture of "chagurin" August, 2022 issue - JA group

(issuance: on once a month 1st)
(meal & agriculture special feature)
 Let's make the cucumber chagurinaguri school & round and round!
 At comics "chagurinaguri school", the parent and child aguri school of JA where an apricot tree older sister works for participates Aoi on snow Sho and the day of the main character.
 Therefore I know that there are a lot of kinds of the cucumber while doing the crop experience of the cucumber.
 In the food education recipe, I introduce how to make one of the cucumbers pickles which are good to summer hydration. I can enjoy three kinds of taste of "salt water pickles" "noodles soup pickles" "vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar pickles".

A price: 576 yen (tax-included)
(attached sheet appendix)
 The homework of the summer vacation is perfect in this!
 "Freely study of the rice" (with the note sheet)
 I just read an appendix and can learn rice and rice, the basic knowledge of the rice field, and a researcher and dishes researcher introduce the theme of the fun freedom study including an interesting meal and observation and the experiment of the agriculture with a wonder of one push a lot.
 The attached "note expression freedom study seat" which I can gather up about "agriculture" puts a photograph and a figure, and I just write in a letter, and, as for the table, the back is completed "a meal".
 I support a free study of the summer vacation of children while promoting rice and understanding and consumption of rice.
※ For more details, IE-NO-HIKARI ASSOCIATION homepage look at "the light net of the house".
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