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Summary of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki

The amount of trust sale article handling (2017)
 Tsugaru district 6JA (I spare JA Hiro JA Iwakicho, JA Fujisaki, JA Owani-machi, JA Ikarigaseki-mura, JA Nishimeya-mura) merged JA Tsugaru Hirosaki on July 1, 2003 and was born.
  The representative handling farm products are apples, and handling sale High School occupies 80% or more of the whole.
 In addition, the rice is the second crop next to the apple, and the amount of handling sale mainly on Tsugaru-roman accounts for 10% of the whole.
 In addition, the collection of cargo such as stew Ben, a pear, a cherry, a melon, a peach, the prune sells the collection of cargo sale such as a tomato, a cucumber, green soybeans, corn, kinusaya, the green pepper to the vegetables as a special product fruit tree.
 In addition, I handle a flower, the flower tree such as keiosakura, gentian, the Al strike Lome rear.

Position, geographical features of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki

 JA Tsugaru Hirosaki extends over Hirosaki-shi (former an area of Hirosaki-shi, former Iwakicho), Fujisaki-machi (area of former Fujisaki-machi), Owani-machi, Hirakawa-shi (area of former Ikarigaseki-mura), the large area of Nishimeya-mura where southern nikaketeni is located from the center of the Tsugaru district.
 When I expect Mount Iwaki which is a symbol of Tsugaru and hang it in Shirakami-Sanchi from the foot of a mountain, I handle the farm products which local, are produced before the Iwaki abandonment area reaching the southern part of Tsugaru plains and the Akita prefectural border.
The farmhouse number of houses (a unit: a door)
Sale farmhouse Farmhouse of providing for oneself The total total
7,593 1,230 8,823
The cultivated area area of the sale farmhouse (a unit: ha)
Field Field Fruit tree The total total
4,133 509 7,710 12,352
(a document: in 2010 than world agricultural and forestry census)

The situation of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki

The end of September
The end of August
The end of July
The end of June
The end of May
Higher savings 74,150 million yen 74,290 million yen 75,200 million 10 million yen 76,150 million yen 74,100 million 10 million yen
Loan 15,790 million yen 16,130 million yen 15,660 million yen 15,910 million yen 15,970 million yen
The investment 4,730 million yen 4,730 million yen 4,730 million yen 4,730 million yen 4,730 million yen
Fixed assets 22,500 million 10 million yen 22,500 million 10 million yen 22,490 million yen 22,560 million yen 22,560 million yen
Union membership 13,085 people 13,085 people 13,081 people 13,065 people 13,059 people
The number of the officers 26 people 26 people 26 people 26 people 26 people
The number of the staff 392 people 392 people 392 people 394 people 396 people
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