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Ealdorman greetings

Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative
Director representative ealdorman
Fumiaki Kudo
 I usually have particular patronage more for JA Tsugaru Hirosaki and am very grateful.
 In addition, thank you for visiting the homepage of our JA.
 By the way, I made a start in our JA as the first year of "the fourth middle management plan" that determined the JA administration policy of the next three years from 2017.
I devise a plan in the form that included "JA self reform enforcement plan" to wrestle by this management plan for "the area agriculture promotion plan" that aimed at the promotion of the local agriculture and agricultural cooperative reform of the government chiefly while taking an opinion and the request that members of an association gave to me into account in the development of the plan.
 It is contents planning increase of the agriculture income while establishing the basic policy along three themes of the "member of an association" "agriculture" "community" in this plan, and fixing the eyes on agriculture environment including decrease and the aging of the scholar of agriculture in the future.
 In addition, I pushed forward the maintenance of the information dispatch system in conjunction with the update of the homepage because there were many requests that I wanted information dispatch and publicity work to add pressure in questionary survey carried out on plan development.
 I will wrestle for the achievement of the active information dispatch and plan to the JA user whom I worked as including members of an association in future.
 Finally I hope that I have patronage not to change continuously as I try for activation of the local agriculture and the contribution to the community and I raise all the members of post all power towards JA loved by areas and wrestle.

Management philosophy

I follow local agriculture and bring it up and become area and Kakehashi of the agriculture and contribute to the future when the community is rich.

Management policies

  1. I aim at the agricultural cooperative trusted by the community to be devoted to cooperative mind of "one all people are for it for all people as for the one", and to follow local agriculture, and to develop it.
  2. I aim at the agricultural cooperative which it is got close to the area, and is loved by contribution to society through the agriculture.
  3. I create an area and better "symbiosis environment" of the agriculture and aim at the business administration that be suitable for the future when the community is rich, and local, cooperated.
  4. A member of post develops a united business campaign and aims at the management that I can return to a member of an association.
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