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Business outline

Trust business

 I perform banking service such as savings, rental, the exchange.
 In JA Tsugaru Hirosaki, I utilize the national network and collective strength of the JA group as a financial institution of the member of JA bank, and relief will cooperate by a convenient financial service to areas.
 For more details, to the JA bank.
 The details such as the interest rate information are this.

Mutual aid business

 I provide the compensation for the risks such as a disease and a disaster, the accident of in various places local union member and families and comprise it in the possible emergency in everyday life.
 For more details, to JA mutual aid.

Instruction business

 I instruct it about the farming of the member of an association.
 In addition, I perform not only the farming but also the instruction to affect health and the life of the member of an association.

Purchasing business

 It supplies material necessary for the production of farm products.
 From the production material such as manure, the pesticide to life material such as the miscellaneous goods for ingredients, the day or fuel, the gas, I handle it widely.

Apple business

 I perform collection of shipment, sale of the apple which is main handling farm products of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki.

Sale business

 Rice, fruit, a flower come and perform Hanaki, collection of shipment, sale of livestock products.
 In addition, I perform the administration of the farm products direct sale place.

Administration Department

 I perform internal duties (personnel affairs, general affairs, administration of property, management) to accomplish the duties of the association and also plan the tissue administration that is lubrication reasonably.

Inspection room

 I check the situation of the duties execution of the association or the situation of the property and investigate whether it is managed appropriately.
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