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Dishes recipe of June

Sheath kidney beans with almond

[materials] (for four people)
Sheath kidney beans
120 g
Almond (slice)
Tablespoon 5
Soy sauce
Teaspoon 2
Tablespoon 1

How to make

① The sheath kidney beans are under both ends and make chopped and slice the onion thin.
② I boil sheath kidney beans and boil the onion together about 30 seconds before I put up sheath kidney beans from hot water.
③ I roast kara, and the almond does it and grinds tablespoon 4 with an earthenware mortar well and I add soy sauce and mirin and mix it.
④ ②I toss an onion in sheath kidney beans of this in addition to ③ and I crush a remaining almond coarsely and scatter it.

Leek cabbage with whom

[materials] (for four people)
Canned tuna
One can

irigoma (white)
Appropriate amount
☆Leek anyone☆
Long leek1/2
A co-op pickled shallot vinegar
Tablespoon 3
Soy sauce
Tablespoon 1
Sesame oil
Tablespoon 1
[how to make]
  1. The cabbage takes the core and makes chopped of the 1cm width, and enter the heat-resistant bowl and I heat it for two minutes and squeeze moisture with a microwave oven of 600W if rough heat is produced.
  2. I mince the long green onion finely and I expose it to water and cut moisture.
  3. I put leek anyone together.
  4. I am about to pass a tuna and leek anyone to the cabbage and toss the whole.
  5. It is height, irigomaochirasu for a caliber.
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