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Dishes recipe of December

Dishes recipe of December

Take it with chicken thigh; a roasted pork fillet

[materials] (for two)
Chicken thigh
Large two pieces (about 600 g)
Half break of the garlic
For one slice
Slice of ginger
It is a share for 1
Liquor, soy sauce
Each tablespoon 2
Honey, sugarEach tablespoon 1
SaltAppropriate amount

Put A co-op; oil
Appropriate amount

String of a kite

※You put A co-op and can purchase the oil at the farm products direct sale place of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki.

How to make

① The chicken puts a cut in the thick part and equalizes difference, thickness.
② I up a lenticel and put it to become horizontally long and wind up 1/3 salt teaspoon from a swing, this side.
③ A hank does an edge of the meat in a string of a kite and winds it every end, more 1.5cm. Finally, I am absorbed in the thread which I wound an edge around without growing.
④ I put sauce in the bat and twine chicken around the whole.
⑤ I load a frying pan with A co-op and heat oil teaspoon 1 by milder medium fire and I up the winding end of the chicken and put it. (I take the sauce left on the bat and put it.)
⑥ If I bake it for about two minutes without moving it and I wind it up, and the end bakes it and hardens, I bake it until I bake it in the whole brown while sometimes rolling it and am colored and wipe extra fat with a paper towel.
⑦ I add left sauce, water 1 and 1/4 cup, garlic, ginger.
I close the cap if I come to the boil and smother it by milder medium fire for about seven minutes.
⑧ I boil it for about six minutes without giving back top and bottom, and closing the cap.
⑨ I make stronger medium fire and boil it down for 4-5 minutes while twining meat around sauce until light kutoromigatsuki, gloss appear to hang down.
⑩ Except garlic, ginger, I move every sauce in a preservation container. I cool it for rap.
☆When I save it, I take off a lap and close the cap and am savable in a refrigerator for 5-6 days.


◇Materials of the cloth
EggL4 unit
Sugar90 g
Wheat flour100 g
Put A co-op; oil20 g
◇The one for decoration
Fresh cream1 pack
Strawberry1 pack
Commercial chocolate
Appropriate amount
Confectioner's sugarAppropriate amount

Squeeze of lemon
A little

How to make

[how to make]
◇The making of cloth
  1. I break an egg and put it in the bowl and I add sugar and beat it.
  2. "No" A character beats it to running of this well. If a beginning disappears while I am writing "no", it is lacking in a beating.
  3. I mix the whole while taking around one minute with a low-speed mode slowly and I crush a big bubble and finish it for a smooth bubble.
  4. 3.I am stirred up and put wheat flour in this and I cut ten times in gomubera and mix it and do it.
  5. I put water and A co-op and pour oil and I cut approximately 40 times until a lump of the powder disappears and mix it and do it.
  6. I establish a cooking sheet to a top plate and it carries away cloth, and enter and bake it with an oven of 160 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.
  7. I cool it well in half day.

  1. The fresh cream beats it creating hard feelings.
  2. The strawberry takes the calyx, and the banana barks it and waves a squeeze of lemon a little. (to prevent a change of color)
  3. I proclaim rap and put cloth on the top and paint only with 2/3 cream which I beat.
  4. I set a banana, chocolate beside a strawberry toward you and wind it up.
  5. I cut it on favorite thickness and I sprinkle confectioner's sugar and am completed.
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