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The cucumber soaked in saute

[materials] (for four people)
Cucumber (chopping up)
Five (1 kg)

Red pepper (slicing)
Soy sauce
Tablespoon 4
Black vinegar
Tablespoon 7
Teaspoon 2

Sesame oil
Tablespoon 1 and 1/3

How to make

Omote Gumi, list

Omote Gumi, list

Omote Gumi, list

① It heats sesame oil to a frying pan and I put a cucumber and fry it until I bake it by medium fire in the cut end and am colored.
② I put ① in the container and you may add A and toss it while I am hot.
③ I put it for approximately 30 minutes until it just tastes chilled and sees it.

Stewed eggplant and fried bean curds

[materials] (for 12 people)
It is three very much
Fried bean curd
Three pieces of small

Ginger (tube)
A little
It is A co-op bonito
Teaspoon 1
Tablespoon 2
Soy sauce
Tablespoon 4
LiquorTablespoon 2


Put A co-op; oil

[how to make]
  1. I cut the eggplant to half of the length except poorness and I make a cut and divide it into 4 parts and expose it to salt water for 3-4 minutes. I put the fried bean curd in the horizontal length and cut it in 4 vertical equal portions.
  2. I wipe moisture of the eggplant and I put A and make bare deep frying in oil.
  3. I put seasoning of A in the pan, and come to the boil and put eggplant and a fried bean curd and boil it for 5-6 minutes. I serve it and put ginger on the top.
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