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Meat roll rice ball

[materials] (for four people)
Pork ballast rice
About 500 g
Soy sauce (for the preliminary seasoning)
Tablespoon 4
The rice which I cooked
For 2 go

Soy sauce
Dishes liquor25cc
Tablespoon 2

Put A co-op; oil

※You put A co-op and can purchase the oil at the farm products direct sale place of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki.

How to make

Omote Gumi, list

① I put soy sauce on pork and season it.
② Enter and mix rice and salt with a bowl and make the straw bag rice ball using a lap.
③ ②I wrap the rice ball which I cooked in this with pork of ①. (using two pieces of pork, I wind up one piece with wide winding, winding vertical as for another one so that there is not a gap.)
④ I load a frying pan with A co-op and spread oil and I display ③ onigiri and set fire.
⑤ I bake the whole in spite of being rolling and put sauce of A if it cooks.
⑥ It is completed if I boil it down until sauce gets entangled in the whole.

Salt soup of a Chinese cabbage and the chicken

[materials] (for four people)

Chinese cabbage
1/5 (300 g)

Chicken thigh
One piece (300 g)

Dishes liquor
Tablespoon 1

Soy sauce
Teaspoon 2
Teaspoon 1 and 1/2

The chicken gallasoup mix
Teaspoon 1

Rough biki black pepper
Appropriate amount

[how to make]
  1. The Chinese cabbage cuts the chicken for cutting into chunks of the about 3cm width at the about 5cm corner.
  2. I put five cups of water (the quantity outside) and dishes liquor, chicken in the pan, and it is medium fire, and come to the boil and take it if lye appears and boil it for approximately seven minutes.
  3. I add a Chinese cabbage and boil it for approximately ten minutes until it softens.
  4. 3.I add A to this and I put the chicken gallasoup mix and fix the taste.
  5. I wave the height, pepper to a caliber and am completed.

Omote Gumi, list

Omote Gumi, list

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