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Omote Gumi, list

Omote Gumi, list

Omote Gumi, list

Vegetables and pork teriyaki

[materials] (for three people)
Pig ribs (for the shabu-shabu)
24 pieces
Green asparagusFour
Sweet potatoOne
SaltA little
PepperA little
☆Sauce of the teriyaki☆

Tablespoon 6

Tablespoon 6

Soy sauce
Tablespoon 6

How to make

① I let you pour mirin, liquor into the pan and boil.
② I make medium fire and pour soy sauce and boil it.
③ If 2-3 bubbles come out, I mix it over a low heat for around five minutes.
④ The green asparagus processes the root and divides it into 3 parts. I cut a carrot, a potato, the sweet potato into a stick form.
⑤ ④I boil a person and grind vegetables of this.
(I heat up with a microwave oven of ※ or 600W for two minutes.)
⑥ I salt one piece of pork lightly and wave pepper. ⑤I ride vegetables of this and wind it up well from the edge.
⑦ I up a part of the winding end to a frying pan and line up and bake it in spite of being rolling.
(because oil flows from ※ pig ribs, I bake it without using oil.)
⑧ If the whole cooks, I am about to turn sauce of the teriyaki of ③ and intertwine it not to burn it by medium fire.

Takikomi gohan of the A Shinshu nametake

[materials] (for four people)
A co-op Shinshu nametake
One bottle (200 g)
3 go
150 g
80 g
Tablespoon 1
☆Preliminary seasoning☆

LiquorTablespoon 1
Soy sauceTeaspoon 1
[how to make]
  1. I soak limit, A in the preliminary seasoning that I mixed to the size that is easy to eat chicken.
  2. The carrot shreds it.
  3. I polish rice and pour liquor and pour water to scale (3 go).
  4. 3.A Shinshu nametake and 1 put this in this and push the cooking rice switch.
  5. I mix it well and am completed if cooked.
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