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Approach to self-reform

 Towards "the Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative which can bring on a quality of agricultural cooperative and the sense of closeness to the area," all the members of post will wrestle while increasing opportunities of the exchange of opinions with the farmhouse union member, and wrestling for the self-reform that reflected your opinion.

The approach situation to self-reform

Approach plan to self-reform

 For "agricultural cooperative reform of the government," oneself checks business and administration based on the voice of the union member as the cooperative where JA is voluntary, and "JA self reform" is to reform it.
 I wrestle with JA contributing to and the community of the union member by the development of the approach item utilized the characteristic of JA with the following basics aims while assuming important point target decided at the 27th JA Aomori meeting basics in our JA if possible.

What is the activity of the living?

 It is a union member, a voluntary approach to perform to realize various thought and needs in daily livings for community improvement and the realization of the rich living that local inhabitants can spend in peace.
 JA aims at the establishment of the cooperative which took root in the area that assumed "a meal" and "agriculture" a key through "the activity of the JA living".

Enforcement plan progress schedule of the self-reform

1.Income increase of the scholar of agriculture
2.Local activation
3.Display of the organization, management power
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