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Dishes recipe of January

Simply! Mustard chicken steak

[materials] (for four people)
Chicken thigh
Two pieces (300 g)
Salt, pepper A little
Oil Teaspoon 2
(mustard sauce)  
Is praised A-Coop; vinegar Tablespoon 3
Soy sauce 1/2 tablespoon
Grain mustard Tablespoon 1
[how to make]
  1. The chicken thigh does thickness equally and seasons it with salt, pepper.
  2. I pour oil into the frying pan and heat it and I do a lenticel of the chicken below and I upset it if I bake it until it is and heat light brown by medium fire over a low heat brown to the inside.
  3. I cut it to the size that is easy to eat chicken.
  4. I correct the chicken which I cut to a frying pan and I turn it and put a mustard sauce of A and am completed if a person comes to the boil and does it.
 ※It is praised A-Coop, and the vinegar is available in JA of the neighborhood.
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