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Dishes recipe of December

Pancake of the sweet potato

[materials] (for 5-6 pieces)
Sweet potato
250 g
A co-op insect bread mixture 200 g
Milk 200cc
Put A co-op; oil or salad oil A little
Honey, butter Appropriately
[how to make]
  1. The sweet potato barks it and heats up until a limit, a microwave oven soften it to suitable size or steams it with a steamer.
  2. 1. Mashers are over a sweet potato of this down.
  3. If I pour insect bread mixture, milk into the bowl and mix it, I add the sweet potato which I crushed and mix it more.
  4. I drain it and put cloth in the frying pan which be crowded, and pulled oil.
  5. If I bake it on the both sides and am colored, it is completion. ※For preference, you attach honey or butter, and please have it.
※The A co-op insect bread mixture can substitute even commercial pancake mixture.
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