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Dishes recipe of July

Chinese-style coleslaw salad

Cabbage 200 g
White turnip One small (90 g)
Red chili pepper 1/2
White pickpocket sesame Tablespoon 1
Is praised A co-op; vinegar Tablespoon 1
Sesame oil Tablespoon 1
Salt, pepper Appropriate amount
[how to make]
  1. Cabbage and the cucumber are julienne and the white turnip barks it and slices it thin.
  2. The red chili pepper makes slicing.
  3. 1.I put vegetables in the bowl of this and squeeze moisture with a thing with appropriate quantities of salt.
  4. 3.I put red chili pepper and seasoning of A, white pickpocket sesame in this and mix it.
  5. I fix the taste with salt, pepper and am completed.
※It is praised A co-op and can purchase the vinegar at JA of the neighborhood.
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