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Dishes recipe of September

Hot pickled shallot lotus root seasoned with vinegar

Lotus root
One section
Dogtooth violet starch
Tablespoon 3
Soy sauce
Tablespoon 4
Guinea pepper (chili pepper) 1-2
A co-op pickled shallot vinegar Tablespoon 5
Salad oil Appropriate amount
[how to make]
  1. I cut it to the size that the lotus root barks it and is easy to eat and wipe moisture with paper. I cut the Guinea pepper into round slices.
  2. I put a lotus root and dogtooth violet starch in the plastic bag and wave it and mix it.
  3. 2.I make this deep-fried and grilled in oil quickly.
  4. I put soy sauce, A co-op pickled shallot vinegar, a Guinea pepper in the pan and I boil it up and stop fire.
  5. 4.Enter and intertwine the lotus root which I fried in this. Please regulate quantity to intertwine by the quantity of the lotus root.
 ※Please make the one where it is hard to be hot without putting a Guinea pepper.
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