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Dishes recipe of November

Potato rice cake

[materials] (for six people)
360 g
Dogtooth violet starch Tablespoon 4
(sweet sauce)  
Soy sauce Tablespoon 1
Liquor Tablespoon 1
Sugar Tablespoon 2
[how to make]
  1. I peel the potato.
  2. I boil a potato until it softens.
  3. I drain off water with a colander and spend it while it is warm.
  4. I put dogtooth violet starch in the potato which I crushed and I mix it well and am the completion of the cloth.
  5. With cloth as 12 equal portions, I do it in a favorite form. The thickness will make around 1cm.
  6. I put materials of (sweet sauce) in the pan and warm it.
  7. I pull rather much oil to a frying pan and make cloth deep-fried and grilled.
  8. If both sides are burnt brown, I wipe the too much oil of the frying pan and you may add (sweet sauce) and twine it.
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