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Dishes recipe of May

Very healthy! "Bean-curd refuse salad"

[materials] (for 6-7 people)
Dried shiitake
Four pieces
Kaiwarinus equula greens 1/2 pack
Japanese radish 30 g
Bean-curd refuse 200 g
Return stew of the dried shiitake Tablespoon 3
Sugar, soy sauce Each tablespoon 3
Salt A little
A co-op 5 times vinegar (undiluted solution) Teaspoon 1-2
Sesame oil Tablespoon 2
[how to make]
  1. I do it in a limit that the dried shiitake goes back up and does not do and I return it, and the juice goes and keeps it.
  2. The Kaiwarinus equula greens cut off a root and cut it to length of 3cm, and the Japanese radish makes cutting in tanzaku.
  3. I add seasoning to a return stew of the dried shiitake and make dressing.
  4. I mix a dried shiitake, Kaiwarinus equula greens, a Japanese radish with bean-curd refuse and toss it with dressing.
※The bean-curd refuse uses a new thing.
※You can purchase the A co-op 5 times vinegar in JA of the neighborhood. In addition, I do not mind even common vinegar.
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