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About the kind of the apple

Kind of the apple

Sun Tsugaru
In crimson, the whole includes a light island design, and a lot of fruit juice is sweet
Chiaki (I do not do it learn)
The well-defined taste that the flesh had a firm a lot of fruit juice
Jonathan apple (kougyoku)
A lot of fruit juice is slightly sour in crimson and is refreshing
World's most (sekaiichi)
Size of the class best according to the name
Acidity and sweetness work moderately; and the flavor similar to the Jonathan apple
Hokuto (hokuto)
I am born from wisteria and the Michinoku and fruit juice is plentiful and is fresh and young
Sun Michinoku (Mutsu)
The apple which fully took in nature without using a bag in the Michinoku
Michinoku (Mutsu)
It was born in Aomori and is called King of apple
King forest (phosphorus to carry on the back)
The sweetness that a lot of fruit juice is strong in with light green and the flavor that is unique as for being fragrant
Sun wisteria
The apple which I brought up to fill the solar alms without wearing a bag to wisteria
Resistance to the teeth is good and I have abundant fruit juice and strongly attract the sweetness
The Venus (kinsei)
With yellow, there is little acidity brightly, and sweetness is strong

Harvest of apples time according to the kind

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