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Until an apple grows

Work contents January February March
July August September October November December
The snow damage measures                                                            
The pruning                                                          
The soil improvement                                                                      
Picking flowers, fruit picking                                                                
Bag hook                                                              
Prop case                                                                  
Removal of bags                                                                  
Leaf knob                                                          
Ball mawashi                                                          
Garden clearing                                                                  

I work on the pruning (from February to April)

I work on the choice of the apple
I cut an unnecessary branch and the branch which weakened and I control growing power of a tree and keep a fixed size of the tree.
It seems to be simple, but is important work to greatly control the quality of fruit of the year.

Soil improvement (April)

Soil improvement of the apple
Nourishment is absorbed by an apple, and the soil gets sterile every year.
Thus, I do manure and compost to do it in a soil state suitable for the growth of the apple and wind up lime for correction of the soil which became acid.

Pollination work (May)

Pollination work of the apple
The apple has a property called the cross-fertilization not to be fertilized even if I add the pollen of the same kind to a pistil. Therefore I do the artificial pollination to crossbreed using a cotton swab by hand of the person when the flower of the apple blooms. However, this work gave off the visit to flower insect called the mameko bee recently in apple garden to need considerable labor, and farmhouses to crossbreed increased.

Picking flowers, fruit picking (from May to June)

Picking flowers, fruit picking work of the apple
5.6 flowers bloom in the apple from the bud of one flower. It is only a thing fertilized to a flower called the disk flower of the middle that a good apple of inner kakei grows. Thus, I all pick the unnecessary flower to prevent waste of the nourishment.
In addition, the apple cannot let it all become even if I do one to become. I let too much you become, and a burden hangs over the tree more, and an enhancement degree of the flowering sprout in the next year decreases. An apple becomes small by competition of the nourishment between the fruit by letting you become a lot, and quality, the taste decreases, too.

I hang a bag (from the end of June to July)

Bag hook of the apple
The purpose with a bag over an apple was to protect an apple from a pest, but became able to originally deal by drug dispersion with the progress of the drug enough.
The bag hook goes now to make the coloration of the apple better.

I put a prop (from July to August)

Apple prop case
If it becomes about time when this, an apple is enlarged, and a branch falls down. I give the branch which I hung down with a prop to break a branch, and to expose an internal leaf to prevention and sunlight enough.

The coloration management, removal of bags (from the end of August to November)

The coloration management of the apple
When the temperature lowers when it is the end of August, and minimum temperature comes to be less than 15 degrees Celsius, the coloration management of premature delivery class "Tsugaru" begins. The thing which I made a bag hook does removal of bags and takes the leaf of the crane cause and loses the part which does not color it behind the branches and does a ball mawashi (turning an apple to where the day consults the place where I do not color it as the state that let an apple become) to let you color the whole fruit. In addition, I spread a silver reflection sheet to let the ground reflect light to push forward the coloration still more.
In addition, it is mixed up with the crop of the premature delivery class, and the coloration management such as removal of bags, the leaf knob of average, the late ripening kind is pushed forward at the same time, and it is at time busy most in one year.
Removal of bags work of the apple

Crop (from the end of August to November)

Harvest of apples
The apples which carry out various activities, and were brought up are harvested with the early thing from August.
I harvest it with caution not to take the string not to injure an apple.

Garden clearing (November ...)

Harvest of apples
When November begins, and it begins to begin to snow, clearing is performed before a full-scale snowfall in the post-harvest garden.
The main work puts material used in growth and the harvest of apples in order and is got rid of the mouse.
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