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  I plan the expansion of the area of gennoyakusai*bei to support the needs of consumers and try for sale of security, the relief.
  In addition, I plan the cultivation instruction by the seasoning analysis and equalization of the quality and aim at the making of rice to be satisfied with by consumers.


It is rice representing Aomori of high quality ryoshokumi.
I limit the superior rice field of the weather, the soil condition of Tsugaru center zone including our JA jurisdiction, the plains inland zone southern from the Goshogawara area and am planted.
I am brought up in Aomori agricultural experimental station and assume "Akitakomachi" and "fu system 141" a mating parent and am the kind equal to the grandchild of "the Koshihikari".


It is the new kind that made its debut from the 18, Heisei yearly output.
Be superior to seasoning and yield-related disease resistance is high and faces gennoyakusai*.
In addition, be superior to blend properties and is expected as a good-quality meter.

Sinter snowstorm (liquor rice)

As a meter for exclusive use of the sake brewing, I was brought up in Aomori agricultural experimental station.
Cold resistance is strong, and the brewing appropriateness is judged to be stable, too.

Rice of Tsugaru

It is the rice which met the following requirements.
・Being confirmed that it was produced along an established production standard by the entry of the producer.
・Use the seed that a brand was confirmed.
・Undergo an examination established in a law.

The regional U.S. PR video

Until rice is done

 I introduce a process before rice being done.
Reproduction time: Seven minutes
"Rice is just done"
 (an offer: the Aomori United States headquarters)

Rice X Aomori chef of Aomori

 I introduce dishes using the cause rice of the restaurant cooperation of Hirosaki-shi from prefecture.
Reproduction time: 36 seconds
"A rice ball"
 A person of Yamato proprietress: I assume it Kudo

Reproduction time: 43 seconds
"French-like chirashi-sushi"
 A chef: Narita is manned

Reproduction time: 33 seconds
"A risotto"
 osuteriaenotekada sasuinoshiefu: Michiaki Sasamori

 I introduce the recipe that Aomori chef which had you cooperate supervised here.
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