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Guidance of the union member participation

JA Tsugaru Hirosaki aims at the agricultural cooperative trusted by the community to follow local agriculture, and to develop it.
Do you not become a union member of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki?
Management philosophy
I follow local agriculture and bring it up and am area and Kakehashi of the agriculture
   I contribute to rich future (tomorrow) of the community.

About a member of an association

What is JA (agricultural cooperative)?
What is a member of an association?
Can anyone become a member of an association?
Are there the privileges?
How much should I pay it to join it?

Flow of the participation procedure

①You have you fill in "a participation application" (two copies) and a matter necessary for "an expression, a confirmation on the occasion of the participation", and apply for each branch of the neighborhood.
 ※When there is not savings account, I would like account establishment.
②I join it and, after the confirmation including qualification requirements, file.
③If participation business formalities are completed, I pay the investment than a reported normal savings account and send a written notice.
④It is a member of an association of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki in this.
 I widen a cooperative ring and, for the "development of the local agriculture" "future when the community is rich," will become rich together!
I am necessary at the time of participation
A participation application [style 1] (two copies)
 ※Entry example※
The  original union member participation is this
The  associate union member participation is this
● Identity verification documents (driver's license, passport, health insurance card)
● Seal

Various change procedures

When there is a change in the report matters such as an address, a full name, the member of an association qualification, please report to each branch teller.
[withdrawal procedure]
●Any withdrawal
 When withdrawal is hoped for, please report to each branch teller anytime.
 I can withdraw by all transferring a share, but become the withdrawal in an end of the fiscal year (March 31) if you can report by the business day 60 days before the end of the fiscal year (March 31) when there is not acquisition by purchase.

●Legal withdrawal
 When I lose a member of an association qualification or when a member of an association dies, please report to each branch teller.
 ※The withdrawal investment is refunded after approval including the surplus fund disposal plan in representative society of the application year. (the beginning of July)
 ※All mouth (in full) refund is not guaranteed by business condition.
 ※When savings account is unnecessary, after all withdrawal procedure completion, I would like a cancellation of a contract procedure.
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