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Special product fruit tree

  In our JA, I establish the production organization (sectional meeting) according to the crops and, through holding or the patrol instruction of the class, work on good-quality production.
In addition, I aim at the making of fruit tree production center united with a sectional meeting activity to install it, and to plan expansion, fixation.


I like the climate that is coolness, and a sugar content cultivates 20-22 degrees and strong middle grain kind "stew Ben" of the sweetness.
Generally, in a grape said to that storability is low, stew Ben is a high kind of the storability. I make use of the characteristic, and acidity falls out moderately, and refrigeration stores it to become strong in sweetness, and the traffic of the domestic production grape from late October through mid-February ships it throughout Hokkaido and Honshu during a decreasing period.


I apply an apple cultivation technology of Aomori and, mainly on "la France" and "general lek Lark," cultivate the pear of the high quality.
"The la France" is strong in sweetness, and it is characterized by taste melting away, and "general lek Lark" has faint acidity with it in the sweetness that is mellowness and features a smooth, smooth texture.
The pear which I harvested refrigerates it once and ships it from late November through mid-January from late September through mid-October.


The prune liking the climate that is coolness is suitable for Aomori and cultivates "sugar" and "Kurashima" and becomes one of the domestic chief producing center.
The prune has little acidity and the feature is that it is easy to eat and attracts attention as a mineral, vitamins-rich health food.
They ship it, and even school lunches get a favorable reception from mid-September through late October.


I cultivate "a deep red exceedingly high mountain" led by "Nishiki Sato".
Above all, sweetness is strong, and "Nishiki Sato" is called "a red jewel".
It is a short term, but please enjoy it as taste of the early summer from late June through early July.


I cultivate "dawn" mainly on "Kawanakajima white peach".
I utilize the cultivation technology that I cultivated with an apple and work on the production of delicious peaches.
It is the northernmost tip of Honshu and, as a produced "peach of Tsugaru," works on expansion and the steady supply of the cultivation area.
I carry out utilized an optical sensor, sorting fruits and ship the peach of the high quality from early August through late September.
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