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  In our JA, I establish the production organization (sectional meeting) according to the crops and, through holding or the patrol instruction of the class, work on good-quality production.
  In addition, I aim at the making of garden plants united with JA raising of seedling center and a sectional meeting activity to install it, and to plan expansion, fixation.


I cultivate a kind "Momotaro system kind" superior in seasoning mainly on the summertime.
As I am finished to the flesh which I did well because a difference of the heat and cold of the night and day is big, it is commonly said in a good point of the storable duration. The harvested tomato sorts it at a place sorting fruits and sends it to all of you in the standard that I unified.
The tomato said to be "the King of summer vegetables" includes vitamin A, C in richness, and the lycopene is effective in preventing a cause of the aging.

Special cultivation tomato

I work on the cultivation that held a pesticide, a chemical fertilizer in check 50% in comparison with custom cultivation as follows (the Aomori special cultivation farm products certification) and aim at the further "security, relief" and perform considered natural environments, wrestling.


The flesh which it is cultivated mainly on the summertime and did well is the mini-tomato of features.
I perform the gain after completely blushing and I pack it in sorting, a pack carefully and send it to.
The ingredient included in the mini-tomato has a fair skin effect and a diet effect and cannot miss it as color of a lunch and the salad.


I am shiny and am under crop in seasoning and a good kind of the resistance to the teeth and I put my ingenuity in a shipment form for the freshness maintenance and send a fresh cucumber to.
The cucumber includes a lot of minerals, and a diuresis effect and swelling, tiredness are known as vegetables to take.

take you (corn)

It is a sweet corn cultivated in "Tsugaru Fuji" and foot "takekohara" of said Mount Iwaki. Because takekohara has altitude of 400-500m, and the heat and cold difference of the night and day is bigger, sweetness is strong and features a texture to be able to play it in a mouth if a grain is pop.
Because I call corn "you" in the Tsugaru district, the corn produced in this area is got close to as "take you".
By the acquisition of the regional society trademark, I work on local brand entrenchment.

Green soybeans

Mainly on the summertime, I work on dissemination premeditatedly to send it to all of you continuously, and a flavor and an evaluation of the seasoning install a high kind. At the same time, I perform the planting of "the hair beans" which are a convention kind of Aomori. The basic green soybeans of snacks of "the beer" include vitamin C, and they are superior in nutritive value other than protein, calcium, vitamin B1, B2.

Green pepper

I wrestle to Natsuaki green pepper to ship continuously from June through October.
The green pepper which nutritive value is high, and is the representative of the green vegetable includes a lot of carotene and vitamin C, and protective efficacy of prevention of summer lethargy and a cold is known.


I work on cultivation to harvest in the long term from spring to autumn.
Green is dark, and strength of the sweetness is a feature, and "spring asparagus" harvested in earnest from May is a vegetable telling coming of spring to the northern country.
Including aspartic acid which is the origin of the name of the amino acid, I include carotene vitamin C, vitamin E, and the asparagus has effects such as detoxification or relieving fatigue.


I install representative kind "Fukuchi white" of Aomori proud of the best amount of production in Japan.
One slice is big with the six slices class of the big ball, and the feature is that a fruit is white like snow.
I harvest it in July and ship drying, the thing which I refrigerated from August through March.
The garlic is effective in the blood circulation improvement, an appetite increase, relieving fatigue. 
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