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The staff employment information

The original staff employment information

 I am not raising it now.

Temporary worker employment information

 The Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative will recruit the service station staff as follows.
1.Offer contents(1)The type of job
The service station staff
(2)Work location
 ※There is transfer (our JA jurisdiction: Hirosaki-shi, Ikarigaseki, Hirakawa-shi, Fujisakimachi)
 ※When you wish to work part-time, there is no transfer.
(3)The number of peopleAround one person
At any time
2.Working conditions(1)Service
Base salary ... daily wages 6,720 yen (hourly wage 840 yen):
Other benefits ... commutation allowance others
 ※When wish to work part-time, hourly wage 830 yen
(2)Office hours
①From April to November ... from 8:00 to 17:00
②From December to March ... from 8:30 to 16:30
③There is shift rotation duty by assignment
I provide consultation if there are any five-day working week or other hope days.
 ※Paid vacation grant days after the six months progress and scheduled labor days of the week as for the participation insurance
 It varies according to time.
3.Application contents(1)QualificationsThe person who is beyond high school graduation
The normal car license holder (AT-limited impossibility)
 ※Correspond to all mentioned above.
(2)ApplicationResume (I submit it to A3 style of our JA by photograph pasting) of the person handwriting
 ※About the style of the resume, I can download it from this.
(3)Application methodMail or bringing
(4)The application deadlineFriday, December 24, 2021
4.Selection method(1)Mods①Written examination (basic ability, aptitude test, composition)
②The examination date and time: At any time
③An examination place: The Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative head office
 ※On the examination date and time, I will inform an applicant later.
 ※When you wish to work part-time, there is no written examination.
(2)The second examination
①Interview examination
②The examination date and time: At any time
 ※I perform it for Mods passer
 ※The details will inform you later.

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 4-1-1, Jotoukita, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori
 Person in charge of Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative Management Department General Administration Division personnel affairs
 Telephone 0172-28-1111
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