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A flower comes; Hanaki

  I cultivate keiosakura which is popular as a cherry tree to be able to enjoy in the depth of winters.
 I put the branch which I cut and brought down in December in the greenhouse and ship it when a bud became the pinkness. Please inflect in New Year holidays or a graduation ceremony unless you enjoy it at a home.
 For famous spot of famous cherry tree "Hirosaki," I provide early spring nationwide in a second. In addition, I make use of the climate that is coolness and work on the Al strike Lome rear full of color, the cultivation of the bright gentian of the color development.


It is cultivated in Nishimeya-mura, and it is shipped to the local market from late July through early October.
Because I like the climate that is coolness and do not relatively choose the soil, it is under crop as utilization of the change of crops field.

The Al strike Lome rear

I cultivate it by house cultivation through the year and ship the kind more than ten kinds to the Kanto center.
White, yellow, a peach, rouge, purple rouge is various, and the color of a flower features the cylindrical flower with the unique spot to enter the petal.


It is under crop as compound management to plan securing of the winter of income and the utilization of unused land and the change of crops field.
I let you do temperature processing in a forcing room for around two weeks and flower and am shipped from late December through early March around Kanto.
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