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About an apple

In 1875, the young plant of three Western apples was distributed to Aomori by the country.
In 1877, it was realized for the first time in Hirosaki.
Then, after long time, it became the best production center that accounted for half of the national amount of production in Japan.
What became the best production center in Japan is never because I was endowed with natural environments.
It is a result of the very serious effort of ancient people to have got over a production crisis of several degrees.
Mind of "I live in an apple" is inherited ceaselessly by a current apple producer.
A generation of the third generation, the fourth generation supports the present apple production.
It continues changing in pursuit of the cultivation that I matched in the times from now on.
The world eminent apple production material which a person built up is right here.

Harvest of the apple

[national harvest] [harvest according to the kind of Aomori]
 An apple harvest of Aomori is 415,000t
 The national apple harvest is 661,900t
 Aomori occupies national half or more.
 A harvest of the wisteria is 199,500t
 A harvest of Tsugaru is 41,100t
 A harvest of the King forest is 40,200t
   A harvest of jonagorudo is 35,200t
[production of apples trend]

About the effect of the apple

Does everybody know a proverb, "one apple a day keeps away a doctor?"
A doctor is to be able to keep health not to need by continuing eating an apple according to the letter.
A lot of things which are good for our health are included in an apple so as to be able to understand this proverb.
Generally, it is said that the apple has the following effect.
The hypertensive prevention  I help with discharge of internal sodium, and potassium included in the apple works to lower blood pressure.
Intestinal regulation action
Constipation restraint
 Cellulose, pectin, the lignin in the apple, dietary fiber such as galactomannan control diarrhea and constipation and promote intestinal regulation action.
Removal of the active oxygen
Restraint of cancer
 The polyphenol included in the apple holds a surplus of the active oxygen causing aging and the disease in check and promotes the suicide of the cancer cell.
 In addition, vitamin C works to erase internal active oxygen.
※The polyphenol included in the apple is called epikatekin multimer, and the feature of it is that an effect is higher than the epikatekin monomer which is ingredients such as the tea.
Such as a feeling of itch
Antiallergy function
 Polyphenol and the pectin included in the apple decrease the histamine which is an allergic causative agent.
The cavity prevention  The polyphenol included in the apple controls the function of enzyme and cavity bacteria forming plaque.
Deodorization effect  The polyphenol included in the apple controls generation such as the methyl mercaptan which is an ingredient of the bad breath.
Fair skin effect  There is the stain of the skin by generation of the melanin. The functions of enzyme generating melanin called tyrosinase by the stimulation of light and ultraviolet rays increase and soak.
 I suppress the function of this tyrosinase, and the apple polyphenol controls generation of the melanin.

Method to have an apple deliciously

 I intend to eat an apple, and may it not be said that the surface changed color in brown in a few minutes after having barked it? As the surface is oxidized when I bark it, and the apple changes in brown, I can have deliciously without a color changing when I dip it into the weak salt solution a little if I bark it.
 In addition, it is the fruit that sugar contents increase, and it is felt that I cool the apple. I can have deliciously when you have it after cooling it with the refrigerator.

With the apple with honey

 Has everybody had an apple with honey?
The golden honey which was transparent in the center of the fruit becomes available when I break an apple. There is no apple, and, in the case of the rose family fruit tree such as the cherry, this honey is made with the photosynthesis of the leaf with a kind of the sugar called "sorbitol". If this honey enters, the apple will make true good time to eat you in a full ripeness state.
 However, the apple with honey can think that fully-ripened = acquirement advances when I express it in other words.
 It is the thing which the honey is scattered in fruit with progress of the time, and disappears, but may be usually in a condition of the inside browning (a honey part changing in reddish yellow) without being rarely scattered. When honey enters the apple, I recommend that you have it as soon as possible.

Preservation method of the apple

 Storable duration is fruit to play for a long time when I store the apple at low temperature at a humid place.
 When I get the surface of the apple wet by sprayers to store an apple well at a home and I just put it in the plastic bag and seal it up and save it in the vegetable room of the refrigerator, I do storable duration for a long time. Water prevents what is lost when I get the surface of the apple wet by a sprayer even if I save it in a refrigerator and can keep a fresh and young state relatively for a long time.
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