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About original bun (the first) beginning to sell

 I will start sale with the original bread using the local ingredients which I developed jointly in our JA Tsugaru Hirosaki direct marketing section and Hirosaki Vocational High School at a store of convenience store "FamilyMart" of Hirosaki-shi and Hirakawa-shi.
 I will sell "apple noummee" where crunchy apple and custard cream entered at Monday, November 22 in dome-shaped rice flour bread of the sugar nonuse for the first for one 216 yen (tax-included).

Please appreciate it!

Thank you for your cooperation for food bank!

 In our JA woman district, I began an approach to provide ingredients in the various places that needed the support of the local volunteer group and meal to run "the dining room of all" through general incorporated association "mirainetto Hirosaki" that performed food bank business (Director Representative Aoi Shikauchi).
 I felt that a union member and local inhabitants wanted to make the environment that they could provide casually anytime and, on October 8, installed "a food box" in the first floor of our JA Head Office lobby.
 If there is food sleeping by all means at a home, I would appreciate your having casually.
[the food which you want to have]
 ・ Noodles (dried noodles) such as rice (polished rice), the pasta
 ・ Seasoning (edible oil, soy sauce, miso, sugar)
 ・ Is instant, a retort pouch
 ・ Canned food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit)
 ・ Luxury goods (coffee, tea)
 ・ Confectionery

[the thing which can accept it] 
 ・ Unopened thing
 ・ I do not move packing and exterior to others
 ・ Except perishables can preserve it at room temperature
 ・ The expiration date is specified, a thing former that for one month
 ・ Packing and exterior are not damaged
When you have it, for the new corona infectious disease prevention, please wear the mask.

Announcement of Tsugaru Hirosaki light truck city holding

I will tell you about Tsugaru Hirosaki light truck city holding.
The holding date and time: Saturday, October 2, 2021
Holding time: From 7:00 a.m. to 11:00
A holding place: JA Tsugaru Hirosaki head office Route 7 side parking lot

Announcement of new coronavirus infected person outbreak


September 18, 2021
Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative
To users

Announcement of new coronavirus infected person outbreak

 It was revealed that the staff who worked at the Fujisaki Branch of our agricultural cooperative (Kazurano, Fujisaki-machi character Okamoto 1-1) on September 17, 2021 was infected with new coronavirus.

 As for the staff concerned, positive became clear on 17th on the next day when the person who became a close contact received a polymerase chain reaction test on September 16 when a living together family consulted a medical institution by poor physical condition because it was a polymerase chain reaction test and became positive.
 By the opinion of the public health center, I carry out a polymerase chain reaction test about two staff judged to have had contact with an infected person on September 18, but it is expected that duties return takes time as follow-up is necessary when it is negative.

 About temporary closure and the branch window which I did, I carry out the disinfectant work in the shop today on September 18 while looking up at the instructions from the public health center and I replace a staff of part by the support from other departments and should be usually business from September 19.

 I will continue duties for an approach to prevention of infection to be absolutely sure, but the inexperienced staff may cope and would appreciate your understanding in what inconvenience causes you in future.

 Reference about this matter
 Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative Management Department General Administration Division 0172-28-1113 (charge Sato, Ota)
 (except time in 8:00-17:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

The above

The present which is heated which a JA direct sale place campaign breeds in

 In the JA direct sale place of the prefecture 15 of JA group Aomori, Aomori product including "Kuraishi cow" and "nagaimo from Aomori" is carrying out "the heated present that a JA direct sale place campaign is heated" who is 150 people in total by lot until October 31.

 As you will present an exclusive application postcard to a customer of the purchase 1,000 yen or more in a target JA direct sale place, after filling out the requirements, please come and join us.
 It is the application deadline until October 31.

 Furthermore, at a JA direct sale place total the first 1,000 people limit of the prefecture 15, rice from Aomori will present a 3 go pack toward the purchase 2,000 yen or more "rushingly".

 As it becomes the end as soon as it disappears, I look forward to an early visit.
 ※Rice from Aomori "was precipitate", and the 3 go pack present was finished.

 I will carry out "an Aomori new model coronavirus infectious disease emergency measures package" for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention now in Aomori until from Wednesday, September 1 to Thursday, September 30.
 On outing, I would like the cooperation of preventive measures against basic infection to protect your health and important people in circumference.
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