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Please be careful about the return gold fraud that abused JA net bank

December 14, 2021
Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative

 I get the account number of the customer or the password of the bank card out of a person giving city official on the telephone and I pretend to be the person and apply for JA net bank, and a fraud crime to perform transfer in the account of the criminal occurs.
 As for the staff such as city halls, police officer, staff of financial institution, the JA staff getting important information (account number, password of the bank card) on the telephone to receive money of return, absolute.
 Please cut a telephone flatly without answering on the telephone which is going to get important information out of a customer entirely. I would appreciate your talking with business partner JA immediately when I have introduced the important information of the customer into the call from a person giving city officials.
 In addition, I will hope that I do not answer a single word that the new crime that puts a reason except the money of return, and is going to get the important information of the customer occurs on such a telephone as it is thought either in future.

About original bun (the second) beginning to sell

 A student of our JA direct marketing section and Hirosaki Vocational High School started sale in "Melo Melo to you" the second of the original bun which I developed jointly from Monday, December 6.
 It becomes the bread which covered the surface reflecting the image of a grain of corn "take you" cultivated at the Iwaki foot of a mountain with take you powder.
 At some stores of convenience store "FamilyMart" of Hirosaki-shi and Hirakawa-shi, I sell the price for tax-included 198 yen.

Please appreciate it!

Announcement of regional U.S. PR video completion

In the people in charge of this JA direct marketing section rice, I made a PR video for the purpose of regional improvement in popularity and consumption expansion of rice.

I introduce the cause of a process before rice being done and the restaurant cooperation in Hirosaki-shi, dishes using the regional rice.

For more details, please see it from this.

"Do not lose to a corona! News of the JA bank loan prefectural product support campaign

 In our JA, I carry out JA bank loan prefectural product support campaign until from Wednesday, December 1, 2021 to Thursday, April 28, 2022.
 Farm products from Aomori are presented with a target product (JA car loan, JA school expenses loan, JA multi-purpose loan, JA free loan) by a customer of the contract☆
 Please use the JA net loan that the application is easy, and is convenient from a smartphone and a PC!
 Simple convenience can file for the Internet anytime for 24 hours (^^♪
 The various loans who is examined by the use by all means in JA consultation!
 The customer that the business with JA has just begun is (^^)/ casually
↓The application for JA net loan from this↓

Announcement of home loan present campaign

 I am carrying out a home loan present campaign until from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022!
 The consultant examining a present and new construction and the article purchase such as prefectural product farm products to a customer made a contract during a period presents for QUO CARD 1,000 yen by the submissions such as a quotation, the fund plan without exception☆

 At an interest rate the trouble and the house which is considered by new construction, the purchase in JA consultation!
 The customer that the business with JA has just begun is (^^)/ casually

 ↓The product summary from this↓
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