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Announcement of new coronavirus infected person outbreak


April 17, 2022
Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative
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Announcement of new coronavirus infected person outbreak

 It became clear that the staff who worked at the Hirosaki north Branch of our agricultural cooperative (hiromezenshiaojokojisakurakari 296) on April 15, 2022 was infected with new coronavirus.
 The staff concerned continued standing by at home by the infection of the family, but as oneself generated heat, I was targeted for a polymerase chain reaction test on Friday on 15th, and positive became clear on that day.
 In addition, the last work day of this staff is Thursday for seven days.
 About the business of the branch, I carry out disinfectant work while asking the instructions from the public health center and continue doing business as a layoff on the infected staff.
 In continuing duties for an approach to prevention of infection to be absolutely sure, I would appreciate your understanding in future.

 Reference about this matter
 Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative Management Department General Administration Division 0172-28-1113 (charge Sato, Ota)
 (except time in 8:00-17:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)

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