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Thank you for your cooperation for food bank!

 In our JA woman district, I began an approach to provide ingredients in the various places that needed the support of the local volunteer group and meal to run "the dining room of all" through general incorporated association "mirainetto Hirosaki" that performed food bank business (Director Representative Aoi Shikauchi).
 I felt that a union member and local inhabitants wanted to make the environment that they could provide casually anytime and, on October 8, installed "a food box" in the first floor of our JA Head Office lobby.
 If there is food sleeping by all means at a home, I would appreciate your having casually.
[the food which you want to have]
 ・ Noodles (dried noodles) such as rice (polished rice), the pasta
 ・ Seasoning (edible oil, soy sauce, miso, sugar)
 ・ Is instant, a retort pouch
 ・ Canned food (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit)
 ・ Luxury goods (coffee, tea)
 ・ Confectionery

[the thing which can accept it] 
 ・ Unopened thing
 ・ I do not move packing and exterior to others
 ・ Except perishables can preserve it at room temperature
 ・ The expiration date is specified, a thing former that for one month
 ・ Packing and exterior are not damaged
When you have it, for the new corona infectious disease prevention, please wear the mask.
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