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 I pay scrupulous attention to accuracy, safety and publish the publication contents of our homepage, but, for any trouble, loss, damage that occurred in our homepage by using information placed in or our homepage, do not take responsibility for all.
 Our homepage may cancel a change, interruption without a notice, but, for any trouble, loss, damage that I occurred by these, does not take responsibility for all.
 When I move from our homepage to the homepage that a third party runs by links, about the administration responsibility of moving last homepage, I do not take responsibility for all.

About a copyright

 The copyright does not need procedures such as the registration to acquire the right, and, in a right to occur naturally just to create a book, there is the copyright of our homepage in JA Tsugaru Hirosaki (Tsugaru Hirosaki agricultural cooperative).
 In addition, I forbid that I use an article, a photograph used without consent of JA Tsugaru Hirosaki on our homepage as the approval of the copyright holder is all necessary in a publication and the use of the book.

About a link

 When you hope for the link to our homepage, please contact me from "an inquiry form" beforehand.
 In addition, please note that I may decline a link by linked page contents.

About an inquiry

 The email that had you transmit than an inquiry form confirms inquiry contents and replies. Please note that you may have time for a reply by inquiry contents.
 In addition, you confirm the yes or no of the inquiry email within business hours, but please note that you will confirm overtime and the email that had you refer on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays on business day, the following day.
 Therefore the person of the dispatch recommends the inquiry over the telephone.
 The reference over the telephone have a seat to the head office or the nearest branch.
[inquiry time]
(from April to November) from 8:00 to 17:00
(from December to March) from 8:30 to 16:30
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
 I do not accept it.
[inquiry over the telephone]
The head office
 0172-28-1111 (main)
Branch  Have a seat from this to the nearest branch.
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